KALIVIR has developed a potent, novel oncolytic platform called the Vaccinia Enhanced Template (VET™). KaliVir’s VET™ Platform includes multiple proprietary genetic modifications that can be combined to generate a unique oncolytic virus that has been optimized for systemic delivery and expression of therapeutic transgene in the tumor. VET™ Platform mechanisms can include immune modulations to specifically enhance the anti-tumoral immunity.

VET™ platform is designed to:

  1. Enhance systemic (IV) delivery capabilities
  2. Enhance tumor-targeted replication
  3. Enhance viral spread to metastatic tumors
  4. Enhance viral spread within tumor microenvironment.

Enhanced IV Delivery

Novel mechanism to deliver virus directly to tumor

Targeted Replication

Engineered to enhance tumor-targeted replication

Anti-Tumor Immune Stimulation

Engineered to direct immune response against tumor and not the virus

Spread Within Tumor

Engineered to allow increased viral spread in the tumor

Spread Between

Engineered to enhance spread between tumors

The VET™ Platform is designed for systemic intravenous delivery and serves as a best-in-class and versatile viral backbone on which tailored transgene programs are being developed. VET™ Platform is also highly synergistic with other immunotherapeutic modalities such as immune checkpoint blockade, and is well-positioned to be quickly moved forward in clinical development.